Peppersauce Campground

Follow the control road up Mt. Lemmon’s north slope and discover Peppersauce Campground, tucked into a shallow canyon filled with grass, oaks, and yucca. You’ve never camped at a creekside oasis like this one.

History & Nature

Enormous Arizona sycamores and walnut trees cast marvelous shade in the summer, and add a splash of color in the autumn – and supply beauty no matter what time of year you’re there.

The trees grow along the banks of Peppersauce Creek (along with clumps of poison ivy, so be careful!), and the creek provides enough moisture to keep lush plants growing all year. Although the stream bed is dry most of the year, watch out for flash floods. Heavy rain in the mountains above the campground flow down rapidly and can cause the creek to swell to a raging torrent in minutes. 

Right Now

Things to Do

Beautiful vegetation and the dramatic backdrop of Mt. Lemmon makes this an outstanding area for an afternoon picnic or weekend campout. But while you’re here, keep an eye on your hot sauce. This canyon was named by prospector Alex McKay, who camped here in about 1880 and reported his hot sauce missing. The perpetrator (if there was one) has yet to be apprehended.

Hotels, Lodging & Camping

Enjoy camping here with a 14-day stay limit per year.

Hours & Pricing

For hours, please visit the website.

Park Entrance Fees:

  • $50 per day

For More Information

Santa Catalina Ranger District
5700 N Sabino Canyon Rd
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 749-8700

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