Homolovi State Park

Discover a pueblo village occupied 700 years ago by ancestors of the Hopi Tribe.

Set the GPS to Winslow to find one of Arizona’s many important archaeological sites on the Colorado Plateau in Northern Arizona. At Homolovi, located along the fertile flood plains of the Little Colorado River, explore a network of ancient villages unearthed by archaeologists. The former inhabitants of these villages are believed to have migrated to the Hopi mesas to the north. Today, Hopi tribal members consider Homolovi a sacred ancestral site.

Visit the Ruins

More than 300 archaeological sites are identified within park boundaries, including multiple pit houses and four major pueblos that date back to the 14th century. Two of the historic pueblo sites are open to visitors. Homolovi I and Homolovi II are the largest sites in the park and once housed thousands of people. Sidewalks provide access to Homolovi I and II while short dirt trails lead to other ancestral sites in the area including petroglyph panels depicting Katsina and clan symbols.

Make Cultural Connections

The Homolovi Visitor Center includes exhibits, a gift shop and restrooms. See traditional Hopi pottery, carvings and artwork alongside ancient artifacts in the on-site museum. One hour north of Winslow on Second Mesa, the Hopi Cultural Center dives deep into the ancestral and modern Hopi story. Artwork can be purchased directly from artisans setup outside of the cultural center or In the gift shop. The Hopi Arts Trail is another opportunity to purchase directly from Hopi artisans in their home galleries.

Visit Winslow

Interstate 40 bypasses the historic stretch of Route 66 that passes through downtown Winslow. Get off the interstate to see how the town preserves its section of the Mother Road. For Insta-worthy shots, find the flatbed Ford at the Standin’ on the Corner site in the heart of town. Also visit La Posada Hotel, a 1929 Santa Fe Railroad stop restored to its former splendor. Inside, a trading post and art gallery/museum showcases area artisans and displays the largest known Navajo rug in existence. Visitors not staying the night at the hotel are also welcome to enjoy fine dining and throw back martinis in the Turquoise Room.

For More Information

Homolovi State Park
HCR 63, Box 5
Winslow, AZ 86047
(928) 289-4106

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