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It’s a question that perpetually comes up at least once a day and maybe more: “Where do you want to eat?” Well, we’ve got answers—multiple ones! Options from as far away as Thailand, as time-honored as mama’s Italian recipes and dishes to indulge your desire for authentic Arizona staples like nopales cactus tacos, Indian fry bread and the famous Sonoran Dog.

Person holding a loaf of Barrio Bread
Barrio Bread, Tucson

This is What Arizona Tastes Like

Arizona’s a treasure trove of established, James Beard Award-winning chefs as well as chefs that are inventive and making a name for themselves. Up-and-coming to substantiated, chefs here are often cooking with locally sourced ingredients to create spicy, sweet, savory, umami, and memorable. And that’s just the stuff you eat!

Head to local breweries for a craft draft, or take a sip of an Arizona wine – yeah, Arizona wine. Southern Arizona wine country growing conditions are comparable to those of Burgundy, France. Plus, at watering holes across the state, mixologists are raising the bar with creative, local cocktails. Ever tried a tamarindo margarita? Take a seat and taste!

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