Viva la Cultura

Arizona's Hispanic and Latino Culture

Experience Arizona's vibrant Hispanic heritage at historic sites and colorful festivals across the state.

Find authentic and award-winning Mexican food in virtually every city and town, as well as local art that celebrates, and is inspired, by "la cultura."

Arizona is practically synonymous with Hispanic culture.

From its earliest days as a settlement, Arizona was shaped largely by the Spanish and Mexican people who controlled the lands. Throughout the state, it remains possible to see evidence of their cultural influence on the food, architecture, language and art.

Especially in Southern Arizona, which maintains close cultural ties to Mexico, things are a little more laid back. It's not uncommon to hear Spanish words mixed with English (often called Spanglish); to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos after Halloween; or to order a pan dulce with your egg omelet. Elsewhere, you'll see Mexican-influenced art in shops and dance to Latin music in clubs as night turns to day.

Arizona's Hispanic and Latino Culture
La ofrenda at Mesa Arts Center's Dia de los Muertos Festival. (Credit: Isiah Sanchez)

September 15 - October 15

Hispanic Heritage Month


¡ Viva Tucson!

Celebrate Tucson's Hispanic Heritage Month with events honoring the food, arts, music and culture of Mexico and Latin America. Learn more about the history of Mexican Independence Day and explore Southern Arizona's proud Hispanic heritage.

23rd Annual

Mariachi and Folklorico Festival (Chandler)

C.A.L.L.E. de Arizona and Maestra Vanessa Ramirez present this annual event, featuring GRAMMY Award-winning Mariachi Los Camperos and 16-member Mariachi Estrella de Mexico, along with a dazzling array of Folklorico dancers.

Food, History y Más

Arts & Entertainment

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Arts & Entertainment

Walls That Talk

Arizona's public murals reflect their communities with artistry, heart and sometimes humor.

Eat & Drink

Arizona's Salsa Hot Spots

Celebrate the spicy side of life at festivals and local shops...

Eat & Drink

What's a Tamale, Anyway?

While eaten year-round, tamales are truly celebrated during the holiday season when families unite to make, eat and share them.

An Architectural Oasis

Architectural Treasures

Explore buildings unique to the state, from ancient dwellings to more modern marvels. Arizona's architectural landmarks span the centuries—from...

Road Trips & Tours

Eat, Drink, and Explore Tucson and Tombstone

In 2015, UNESCO proclaimed Tucson a City of Gastronomy, a venerable nod to its unique regional cuisines, abundant farmers markets and copious...

Eat & Drink

¡Viva Agave!

Fans of tequila find Arizona the perfect spot to imbibe.

Chef Maria Mazon Talks Food

A Few of Our Favorite

Cities & Towns



Visit Arizona’s second-largest city, a UNESCO City of Gastronomy and a year-round outdoor playground. You can be secluded or social in Tucson....



Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona and is located in the central region of the state. People may know it for its year-round sun, desert...



Go big in Mesa, Arizona's third-largest city, where fan-favorite sports, art attractions, and outdoor adventure attract visitors on a large...



A lush desert oasis near Bisbee, Douglas will enchant you with tales of its mining and ranching past.



Awaken your senses in the sonoran uplands. Ajo's spanish architecture is an excellent introduction to southern arizona's colonial history and a...



Spend some time in this Spanish Presidio turned artist colony, where creativity is as present in the galleries and shops as it is in restaurant...



On the border of Mexico, Nogales, Arizona, offers a world of culture.



Outdoor excursions, authentic cuisine, and unique experiences await you in Yuma.


Cities & Regions

From the abundance of Saguaro cactuses and unique wildlife in the Sonoran Desert to the high country and forests of the White Mountains to the breathtaking Grand Canyon, Arizona’s regions are full of experiences that don’t disappoint.