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It’s like one big postcard—and you get to be in it. Take in the vast and varied landscapes that makes Arizona so picturesque, from gazing at the Grand Canyon, to hiking rugged red-rock backcountry of Sedona, to exploring Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park by horse or by Jeep. Immerse yourself in lingering history of the Old West in Tombstone, or learn the sacred past of the state’s 22 sovereign American Indian tribes.

After exploring the great outdoors, head in to Arizona’s casual urban centers. Centrally located, Phoenix Metro is a veritable hotbed of one-of-a-kind restaurants, bars and eateries, along with unique museums and shopping. Foodies should tantalize their taste buds in Southern Arizona, home to the country’s first UNESCO World City of Gastronomy and one of the state’s two grape-growing regions. And at the end of the day, unwind at an indulgent spa resort. Yes, it all sounds so unreal. And yet, it’s all here waiting for you.

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