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Where History Comes Alive

Throughout Arizona, the visual impact of natural wonders stops visitors in their tracks.

Astonishing natural landscapes—as well as the cultural traditions of the indigenous people who continue to inhabit these cherished places—create a visitor experience unique to this part of the world. Take a mindful approach to visiting Arizona so the state's natural assets and cultural heritage can continue to inspire future generations of travelers.

Cherished Landscapes

Road Trips & Tours

Iconic Landmarks Along Arizona’s Route 66

Arizona is gifted with many of the most memorable icons of funky architecture, quality kitsch and robust Americana to be found on the entire...

Heritage & Culture

The Remains of New Spain

Hispanic culture has shaped Arizona’s architecture, colored its art and flavored its food. And it all began with a legend and a treasure hunt....

Must Do

The Perfect Trip Through Arizona’s Grand Canyon Country

The definitive guide to experiencing Arizona's stunning canyons for yourself.

Outdoor Adventures

Arizona Trail Gateway Communities: Sierra Vista, Patagonia and Oracle

One of the country’s premier long-distance trails, the Arizona National Scenic Trail offers backcountry adventures as scenic and rewarding as...

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The Ultimate Trip for Natural History Lovers

Outdoor adventures and Arizona go hand in hand. Follow this journey to revel in the cultural history and natural beauty of Northern Arizona.


Arizona's Must-Do Guided Tours

Forget everything you know about tours. In Arizona, guided adventures not only offer a behind-the-scenes look at the state's treasures—winemaking, dark skies, ghost towns—but they also range from quirky to epic, cheap to extravagant, one-hour to multi-day. This handy guide helps you pick the tour that's right for you.

Road Trips

5 Reasons to Visit Globe-Miami

The Copper Corridor communities of Globe and Miami are anything but sleepy.

Road Trips

What to Do in Arizona if You Have 3, 5, and 7 Days

Whether you have the weekend or a full week to vacation in Arizona, we have the perfect itinerary for you. These multi-day Arizona road trips have just enough flexibility for you to make each trip your own.

Road Trips

4-Day Northern Arizona Itinerary for Families

Crafting an itinerary for a multi-generational group vacation is a balancing act, often requiring a spreadsheet, not to mention diplomatic skills and a degree in counseling. But a trek through Flagstaff, Williams, Clarkdale and Prescott should keep everyone in your tribe smiling.

Road Trips

Get Your Kicks on Arizona's Route 66

Whether heading west to east or east to west on the Mother Road, be sure to check out the quirky landmarks and destinations of Arizona’s Route 66.

48-Hours in Bisbee

How is it that a once-raucous, 1880s mining camp morphed into—according to Sunset magazine—"the best small town to live in in the West"? Easy. Bisbee embraced its rich historic identity and built a reputation as an eclectic enclave that's the envy of small towns everywhere.

48-Hours in Jerome and Cottonwood

You could spend a week immersing yourself in the vibrant arts, culture, food and history in these two Verde Valley towns. But if you only have two days, then let this handy itinerary be your guide.

Birding in Arizona

A foremost bird expert shares his favorite Arizona birding spots in Tucson and Southern Arizona.


Arizona Parks & Monuments

From cactus to canyons, pine forests to sky islands, Arizona's parks and monuments feature a wide array of scenery, history, and activities for all ages.

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AZ Maker's modern twists on traditions

Meet the Maker: Hopi Basket Weaver

Iva Honyestewa, a Hopi basketweaver, shows how she creates the pootsaya basket as a reminder that we are connected.

Arizona Food Culture

Arizona's food history is 4,000 years old and a tapestry of Native American, Mexican and European food traditions. Diego, Hope, Armando and Nadia share their traditions and how it is expressed in food.

Meet the Maker: Watson's Hat Shop

Using methods and equipment nearly 200 years old, Eric Watson makes high-end bespoke hats in his family business in Cave Creek, Arizona

Immersive Museums

Arizona Museum of Natural History

Arizona's premier natural history museum preserves the natural and cultural history of the Southwest.

Museum of Northern Arizona

Exhibits and educational tours tell the story of northern Arizona's natural and cultural heritage, as well as the history of the indigenous people who once called the land their home.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

This spectacular indoor/outdoor attraction in southern Arizona protects native plants and animals of the Sonoran Desert.

Tales of dramatic landscapes and cultural traditions

Featured Stories

Outdoor Exploration

9 Outdoor Adventures You Can Only Have in Arizona

The Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest made the list but discovering petroglyphs and ghost towns is just as thrilling.

Arts & Culture

Stories of the Ancients

Explore the remnants of prehistoric dwellings, discover ancient art etched into rocks and witness an archaeological legacy unique to Arizona.

Outdoor Adventure

AZ State Parks for Every Interest

34 Arizona state parks offer surprising adventures such as whitewater rafting and hikes into lush forests.

Southern Arizona's Hidden Gems and Secret Places

Arizona is famously known for the Grand Canyon, but it's the smaller, quirkier, hidden and off-the-beaten-path spots that lend charm to our state. Here are a few hidden gems in Southern Arizona to delight your curiosity.

Fort Bowie National Historic Site

Explore the remnants of a hike-in 19th-century military base constructed and occupied during the time of the Civil War and Chiricahua Apache Wars.

An Insider's Guide to Visiting Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon's otherworldly beauty makes it one of the most highly sought-after destinations in the world, and access to this natural marvel is granted only with a Navajo guide. Here, we step you through the process of how to visit this astonishing place.

Only-in-AZ Accommodations

Travel Like a Local

Fun to Flashy Glamping

Go beyond the tent and camp in style at glamping locations across Arizona that range from luxurious to quirky.


Motor Lodge Revivals

Historic roadside motels are making a comeback. Visit these updated beauties to add retro vibes to an Arizona road trip.

The Best Campsites in Southern Arizona

Southern Arizona is home to stunning landscapes, and its sunshine and dry heat make for ideal car camping weather.

Northern Arizona's National Forest Cabin Rentals

Have you ever dreamed of staying in a rustic cabin with views of Northern Arizona’s diverse landscapes? The state has 19 historic U.S. Forest Service cabins available for overnight rentals, and whether it’s primitive or modern accommodations, there are options for every traveler.


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Cities & Regions

From the abundance of Saguaro cactuses and unique wildlife in the Sonoran Desert to the high country and forests of the White Mountains to the breathtaking Grand Canyon, Arizona’s regions are full of experiences that don’t disappoint.