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Travel. Is. Back.

Now's the time to get out of the house, back on the trail and on the road, and rediscover the joy of traveling together. Rediscover what makes Arizona special and why now is the best time to plan that grand family vacation, relaxing girl's getaway, or invigorating guy's weekend. Check out the list of stories and itineraries below, compiled by our staff, to spark your imagination and help you Rediscover Arizona.

Chiricahua National Monument, Willcox, AZ

Relax and Unwind

Rediscover Relaxation

Relaxation means different things to different people. It could be calming meditation; an invigorating workout or rejuvenating spa treatments;...

Local Food, Brews & Wines

Rediscover Amazing Culinary

Arizona’s a treasure trove of established, James Beard Award-winning chefs as well as chefs that are inventive and making a name for themselves....