Chart a new path.

Rediscover Arizona

Where the mind wanders, the body should follow. It’s time to rediscover our beautiful state, and we've curated some trip ideas to help you travel the state at your own pace, your way, whether that means hitting the road or the trail. Click each image below for a list of stories and itineraries.

Antelope Canyon walls

Know Before You Go

  • Call ahead to confirm if an attraction or park is open and under what conditions.
  • Avoid high-risk activities like rock climbing or backcountry activities, as law enforcement and rescue operations may be limited.
  • Select low-traffic locations and times. Visit less-traveled locations during off-peak hours to avoid potential crowding.
  • Follow health officials’ guidance on personal hygiene and social distancing before and during your visit.
  • Find more tips at Responsible Recreation Across Arizona and Tips to be the 'Best' Arizona Visitor.
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Rediscover Camping

Whether you prefer to sleep in a tent, cabin or RV, camping can reconnect you with family while you disconnect from technology.

Rediscover You

During stressful times, it's important to practice self-care. Nature, quiet, beauty all calm the mind and help the body recharge.

Stay Safe

The situation is changing rapidly, and with that comes uncertainty. Rediscover your love of exploration safely with the latest resources.