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Summer days and scenic Arizona landscapes are a perfect pair for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you prefer to tour your trails on legs, wheels or hoofs, Arizona has plenty to keep you moving. Check out our recommendations below, plus get some outdoor advice from a professional REI Adventure Guide on the "Arizona's Great Outdoors" page below.

A man in a blue puffer jacket and in a wheelchair overlooks the rim of the Grand Canyon during the day
Grand Canyon National Park (Credit: @samfaitrouler on Instagram)

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Arizona Travel Tips for Solo Women on the Road

Arizona’s diverse landscapes make it the perfect outdoor playground, and I’m always stumbling across new parks and charming towns in the Grand...

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Top Spots to Canoe and Kayak in Arizona

In Arizona, you'll find ample opportunities to get out on the water—from the lakes of the Mogollon Rim to the Colorado River in the Grand...

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13 Wheelchair-Accessible Trails in Arizona

Everyone—regardless of mobility—can enjoy Arizona's wild beauty. Here are 13 of the best accessible trails in the state.

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Arizona State Parks for Every Interest

Arizona's 34 state parks have something for everyone—from contemplative nature walks to stargazing to camping. Here's our abbreviated look at...

Family Activities

Awesome Grand Canyon Fun for Families

Experience Arizona's world-famous landmark through the eyes of a child (although these family friendly activities promise fun for all ages).

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Arizona's Backcountry Experiences and (Mostly) Hidden Hikes

Arizona's backcountry is the perfect place for experienced hikers to expand their trail horizons.

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The 'Best' Mountain Biking Trails in Arizona

We asked some of Arizona's most experienced athletes for their picks for the best mountain biking trails for all levels and views.

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Endless adventure awaits you in Arizona: your ideal place to get away in the great outdoors. Hike or ride horseback along scenic desert trails....

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New to Nature? Leave No Trace in Arizona

If you're new to the outdoors—whether it's hiking a local trail, visiting a national park, or camping—following all the best practices can seem...

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Beginner's Guide to Arizona's Outdoors

Venturing into the great outdoors can seem a bit daunting at first, with skills to acquire, equipment to figure out, and lingo to learn. But...

Arizona's 22 national parks and monuments are beautiful places to experience wide-open spaces, but know before you go—check the status of the parks here.

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Find more information about the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace and how you can protect Arizona's iconic natural features ...

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