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Given the ever-increasing number of electric vehicles on the road today, we’re excited to help make a trip to Arizona even easier. With unique itineraries and resources for planning routes and trip details, you’ll stay charged and keep moving forward to the next great destination.

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Electric Road Trips

Where to Go

Let these resources help lead the way. These downloadable itineraries are specifically designed for electric-vehicle travelers and will provide you with great Arizona destinations that coincide with charging locations recognized by PlugShare. Each itinerary PDF includes an Arizona state map, emergency contact information, weather and elevation charts, and a list of hotels that provide charging stations for guests. A PlugShare map is also available above for creating your own itineraries.

Traveling from California

Download our Electric Vehicle Visitor's Guide for more information on these routes.

From Los Angeles*: Highlighting Route 66, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Scottsdale, and Phoenix

From San Diego*: Highlighting Yuma, Tucson, Scottsdale, and Phoenix* Utilizes the Tesla Supercharger network specifically designed for the Tesla Model S.

Traveling within Arizona

Phoenix to Southern Arizona Road Trip*: Highlighting Tucson, Tombstone, Bisbee, and Sierra Vista.

More resources

To calculate net elevation changes along a particular route, a visit to EVTripPlanner can be helpful.

For more detailed travel information and road conditions, visit our Travel Advisories page. We also welcome your comments and suggestions by emailing us at

And, to further help make your trip plans as easy as possible, we included links to more specific maps of Arizona and travel tips that might help answer common questions and a page for what you might expect when it comes to the weather around the state.

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