Seeing the iconic red rocks of Sedona will simply take your breath away. You will be awestruck by the majestic crimson rock formations and perhaps feel the energy for which this area is known. Put simply - there is no other place on earth like Sedona.

Let all Sedona offers expand your mind and sense of exploration.

You’ve heard about the natural beauty and energy vortexes of Sedona. Now is the time to experience everything firsthand. From hiking and fine dining to art galleries and personal enrichment, Sedona has so much to fill each gorgeous day of your stay. And, really, to see everything Sedona offers requires more than a single day or even a weekend.

Regarded by Native Americans as sacred, Sedona continues to be recognized as a place of healing and spiritual renewal. Learn more about Sedona and how to take care of this natural landmark by taking the Sedona Cares Pledge.

Get some of the red earth on your hiking boots on any of the countless trails ranging from leisurely jaunts to long, challenging backpacking treks. Be inspired by the impressive artwork housed in Sedona's art galleries. Try something new such as walking through a labyrinth, getting your aura photographed, or indulging in a massage that will get every kink out of your body. Take the road less traveled and explore Sedona's Secret 7—sites and attractions with beauty equal to their frequently visited counterparts.

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