There's a certain feeling you get from a handcrafted item, of holding something carefully created by skillful hands—an item made by one person for another.

Crafters, builders, makers—their work tells stories about a place inasmuch as the place influences their work. Consider how the unique mix of Arizona's climate and soil creates the perfect environment for small-batch wine and varieties of lavender. Or the way many native animals and plants (like our iconic saguaro) inspire and adorn a number of products and art.

Arizona has no shortage of talented makers, craftsmen and culinary artisans. Fortunately, many also have workshops or retail spaces that you can visit and see for yourself these masters in action. Or, find their goods lining the shelves in boutique shops or at local farmers' markets across the state.

We're all seeking a little more authenticity these days. That's why we sought out several of the state's most notable makers to ask them about their work and what sets them apart. See below for more of their stories and to learn about the kinds of work being done only in Arizona.

Arizona's Foodies

Makers, Shakers & Bakers

Meet the Makers

Stephen Paul of Whiskey del Bac

There are certain crafts that require an artisanal touch and an experienced set of skills. In our "Meet the Makers" series, we dive into the...

Meet the Maker

Don Guerra of Barrio Bread

Don Guerra of Barrio Bread's enthusiasm for artisanal bread translates into a bakery that’s not only rallied the community, but has also...

Meet the Makers

Atsuo Sakurai of Arizona Sake

Arizona Sake is shaking up the sake scene. Meet the man behind the world's best sake outside of Japan.

Meet the Maker

Wendell Crow of Crow's Dairy

The goat cheese on the menu at more than 100 of Arizona’s best restaurants comes from a five-acre family farm on the western outskirts of...