Meet the Maker

Eric Glomski of Page Springs Cellars

Being a winegrower is more than just an occupation for Page Springs Cellars owner Eric Glomski. It's a lifestyle, a craft, a passion and an ethos. For Glomski, cultivating the vines that bear fruit to some of Arizona's most notable wines offers a way to express the nature of the land he calls home.

Before he became a winegrower and the founder of Page Spring Cellars, Glomski worked as an ecologist. In that role, he became fascinated by the relationship between plants, soil and geology.

"One day I made a wine haphazardly and it reminded me of that place and I said 'woah wine is sort of an artistic expression of landscape where I've been looking at this all scientifically my whole life,'" Glomski said.

Glomski's wines are truly Arizona grown and made — from the grapes that are grown locally to the Arizona White Oak staves he adds to age the wines.

"Wine is about life and lifestyle and sharing with people and the idea of being a part of a fledging industry and that sense of discovery of being on your own path — I just think there's something really special about that," he said.


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