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Looking for a trip idea that's focused on fun? Family? Exploring the outdoors? Discovering something new? We know you're ready to travel, and no matter the experience you're seeking, Arizona is designed to deliver.

We're excited to help get you on the path to your own vacation nirvana with the Year of AZ Discovery, our new resource which connects you with the destinations, people and experiences that make Arizona unforgettable.

Saguaro cactus dot a hillside with 2 people hiking along a trail. Mountains and a blue sky cross the middle.

Touring Tribal Lands in Arizona

Today, 22 sovereign American Indian nations live in regions throughout Arizona. Many are open to tourists, offering amenities including cultural tours and local guides. These lands and customs remain also sacred, so there are a few tips to help you have a great experience. From cultural etiquette to tour suggestions, here's everything you need to know.

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Sustainable Trip Tips

Appreciate AZ Principle #7:

Share the Outdoors

Arizona’s vast natural lands—from the grandeur of the Grand Canyon to the largest stand of ponderosa pines in the world—beckon us to explore, connect and reflect. Most important: All are welcome.

Appreciate AZ Principle #4:

Leave What You Find

Arizona is like no other place on Earth: petroglyphs millions of years old, the ancient markings of 22 tribes (Arizona's original inhabitants) & much more. The best way to preserve this beauty? Enjoy these treasures without touching them.

Appreciate AZ Principle #5:

Be Careful with Fire

Fire safety is essential to preserving the beauty of Arizona’s natural lands. Fires occur year-round—meaning, to enjoy Arizona’s wilderness areas, vigilance is required year-round too.

Trip Inspiration

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

On a scenic road trip through Northern Arizona, Monument Valley’s iconic landscapes inspire visitors. Located in Northern Arizona, Monument...

Native Cuisine in Arizona

Arizona Restaurants with Indigenous Dishes and Ingredients

Squash, beans and corn – the "three sisters" of American Indian cooking – are just a few ingredients used in the flavorful dishes served on the...

Colorado River Indian Tribes

Take a trip to experience the diverse community of the Colorado River Indian Tribes in Arizona.

Heritage & Culture

Stories of the Ancients

To truly understand Arizona means walking ancient paths. Take time to learn about the first peoples that populated the land as you explore...

Family Activities

Walk in the Shadows of Arizona Dinosaurs

From dinosaur museums to roadside attractions, see some of Arizona's earliest inhabitants—the dinosaurs.