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Looking for a trip idea that's focused on fun? Family? Exploring the outdoors? Discovering something new? We know you're ready to travel, and no matter the experience you're seeking, Arizona is designed to deliver.

We're excited to help get you on the path to your own vacation nirvana with the Year of AZ Discovery, our new resource which connects you with the destinations, people and experiences that make Arizona unforgettable.

Saguaro cactus dot a hillside with 2 people hiking along a trail. Mountains and a blue sky cross the middle.

Rediscover Camping

Whether you prefer to sleep in a tent, cabin, RV or houseboat, camping can reconnect you with family while you disconnect from technology. Just pick your view: mountains, white-water rivers, pine forests or red-rock buttes.

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Appreciate AZ

Sustainable Trip Tips

Appreciate AZ Principle #2:

Stick to Trails

Wander with wonder, but please stick to trails and camp only on existing or designated campsites. Minimizing your impact helps protect plants, animals and yourself.

Appreciate AZ Principle #6:

Respect Wildlife

Arizona's great outdoors is home to more than 800 species of wildlife. It's best to observe them from a distance, so be prepared to stop and let the wildlife stay wild.

Appreciate AZ Principle #5:

Be Careful with Fire

Fire safety is essential to preserving the beauty of Arizona’s natural lands. Fires occur year-round—meaning, to enjoy Arizona’s wilderness areas, vigilance is required year-round too.

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Appreciate AZ for Kids

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