You’ve heard about Yuma if you’re into western movies and cowboy lore. Today’s Yuma turns the old west into the wild, wet west, with the Colorado River making a big splash into a bevy of outdoor activities available.

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The sunniest place on Earth is also one of the most fun places to play in Arizona. Yuma’s reason to be (a safe river crossing for explorers) has grown into one of its liveliest features. Get wild on the Colorado River, skimming the waters in a jet boat, scooting over waves on water skis or personal watercraft, floating on a pontoon or in an inner tube, or swimming or fishing on the shore.

Those mild winters that make water play so much fun have also turned Yuma into a thriving agricultural center, making it the winter vegetable capital of the world. Lettuce, dates, melons, and citrus of all kinds are among the crops grown here. Agritourism experiences include farm tours and culinary events.

Yuma’s history is as wild as the Old West – as the famed Yuma Territorial Prison will attest – with a tip of the cowboy hat to mines, railroads, and steamboats. Families will love seeing exotic animals at a breeding farm; watching or racing at a dirt and clay speedway; sipping local date shakes; and attending festivals all year long.

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Visit Yuma | 201 N. 4th Ave. | Yuma, AZ | (800) 293-0071 | www.visityuma.com

County It all started How High? Head Count
Yuma 1914 138ft 93,064

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