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In the remote reaches of the Grand Canyon, the Village of Supai – the most remote community in the lower 48 states – beckons with a prized and rare feature: towering year-round waterfalls.

It’s not easy to get to Supai, but then, that’s the point. This is not the Grand Canyon of tour buses. Nope, this secret corner is home to the small Havasupai Tribe, who have inhabited the area since AD 1300. Known as the ”People of the Blue-Green Water,” their village is accessible only by foot, pack animal, or helicopter. The U.S. Postal Service delivers mail via mule.

The adventurous traveler makes the challenging hike eight miles down from Hualapai Hilltop (you can helicopter in if you’re less sure-footed or short on time) to the Village of Supai for a huge payoff: waterfalls in an Eden-like paradise, among the most photographed in the world. There’s no greater reward than peeling off your socks and boots, dropping your pack, and plunging into the refreshing waterfalls and travertine pools of Havasu Creek, a tributary of the Colorado River.

After cooling down, you’ll continue another two miles and make camp under spreading trees with similarly intrepid types. Save some energy for the trek down to the even more secluded Mooney Falls. At night, look up: there are no lights for miles, just an inky, star-saturated sky. And congratulate yourself for completing a trip most only dream of. 


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Havasuapi Tribe | PO Box 10 | Supai, AZ | (928) 448-2731 |

County It all started How High? Head Count
Coconino 1300 3,192ft 208

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