Escape from the Everyday in Cochise County

By: Arizona Office of Tourism

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November 26, 2017

The Land of Legends encourages you to explore the area and enjoy a stress-free vacation.

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We all hate to admit it: the everyday grind takes a major toll on our mind, body and relationships. And we hate to admit that we have a surplus of vacation days and dreams of relaxing with the hubbub of “everyday” a forgotten memory for just a little while. It’s time to stop dreaming and start being! Take a weekend (or a week) in Cochise County and discover legendary R&R in a place like no other.

Tucked into the state’s lower right corner, Cochise County invites you to disconnect your phone and recharge your own battery. The expanse of mountain and sky, from sunrise to sunset, will make flipping your phone from selfie to scenic as natural as breathing deeply. And you’ll do that, too. Fill up with fresh air, brilliant stars and clear blue skies. Relax. Recharge. Revive your inner bliss. Here’s how.

Take to the Open Road

Meander into historic Bisbee (one of Frommer’s “must-see” places for 2018) and hop on a Lavender Jeep tour in the hills, or take a golf cart tour of the town, and experience the unique history and culture of this artsy community and its century-deep history. Knock-out food awaits along the main drag and microbrews are – you guessed it – just up in Brewery Gulch.

Travel Back in Time

Enjoy a cool view under the intricate architecture of Douglas’ Gadsden Hotel, one of the last “grand hotels.” Built in the early 1900s, its marble staircases and gold-leaf-embellished ceilings will make your heart skip a beat. Head to Tombstone (yep, that Tombstone) and watch a reenactment of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Or go way back – and underground – to Kartchner Caverns State Park near Benson. This living cave, voted the Best Cave in the U.S. by USA Today readers, is a wondrous trip into the cool earth where soda straw formations and the massive “Kublah Kahn” column – formed over millions of years – puts your pinging inbox in perspective.

Enjoy a Timeless Meal

The foodie in you (You know, the one you hush with drive-thru food because you don’t have time for a real meal?) will rejoice at Sierra Vista’s surprising – and authentic – international choices, like German, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai. Add the rich Mexican heritage of Douglas and Tombstone’s cowboy fare and you have a satisfying buffet of culinary riches. Gold-medal-winning Willcox wines and local microbrews complete any meal. The only thing you’ll stress about is whether to have a small or tall.

Work It Out

Whether you hike, bicycle, climb or walk, there are plenty of ways get your 10,000 steps. Escape in the leafy canyons near Sierra Vista. Explore Coronado National Memorial, where cowboys and Conquistadors got in their steps long ago. Climb Bisbee’s staircases. Head over to Willcox for biking, rock climbing or hiking in Cochise Stronghold and Chiricahua National Monument. Round out the day with wine tasting and stargazing.

Disengage from Your Everyday Grind

Cuddle up under the velvet night sky, rise with the dawn, sleep till late. Whatever you do, revel in not planning and let the day unfold in an abundance of discovery.

Do this one thing for yourself: take out your planner and write “vacation” across a week, then point your browser to and discover what a vacation should be.


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