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The Surprising History of Arizona Baseball

Uncover Arizona's unique multicultural history and it's influence on today's Major League Baseball teams.

As baseball fans gather in Arizona for the 2023 spring training season, it is impossible to ignore the legacy of the game and its impact on the history of the state. Arizona has a rich baseball history and some of the most ground breaking developments in sports happened here. Over 100 years ago, the Buffalo Soldiers -- African Americans who served in the United States Army during times of segregation -- had an incredible impact on breaking racial barriers on the diamond. There was also the Tempe Crimson Rims, a multicultural baseball club that was formed on the 1890’s. Arizona's baseball history is deeply intertwined with the struggles and triumphs of these players. With the introduction to Arizona’s booming spring baseball scene, they not only brought immense talent but helped shaped what we now refer to as “America’s pastime.” Here's how these brave individuals worked hard to level up against prejudice while dominating with world-class skill on and off the field!

Spring Training 2023 in Arizona
1898 "Crimson Rims Tempe" baseball team group [Photograph]. Tempe History Museum

Tempe Crimson Rims Baseball Team of the 1890s

The 19th century was a cultural melting pot in the state of Arizona and nowhere was that more evident than in baseball. In the 1890s, the Tempe Crimson Rims formed a multicultural team that became an oasis of acceptance as men from African, Mexican, and European ancestry worked together as equals. African American military members who had been stationed in Arizona became some of the members included on this multicultural team. This is especially significant given the context of racism, segregation, and prejudice surrounding 19th-century America. This innovative team was a pioneering step towards universal acceptance that still echoes across baseball today.

The Impact of Buffalo Soldiers on Arizona Baseball

Arizona baseball's long-standing history of segregation didn't stop African Americans from making an impact on the sport. One way it did so was through some of the earliest Arizona baseball teams being made up entirely of Buffalo Soldiers - African American military members. The origin of African American baseball teams in Arizona can be traced back to Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Huachuca. Buffalo Soldiers were African Americans that served in the United States military, and many of them were ultimately stationed at Fort Huachuca. Serving a major role in the early multicultural baseball leagues of the military, Buffalo Soldiers became a cornerstone for inspiring early African American baseball teams in Arizona and elsewhere.

Spring Training 2023 in Arizona

The Popularity of Spring Training Baseball in Arizona

Since 1947, Spring Training of Major League Baseball (MLB) in Arizona is a popular and iconic event that brings devoted fans from around the world to the Grand Canyon State. Every year, Major League Baseball's Spring Cactus League- made up of 15 teams, come to the state for six weeks of intense training and friendly competition that captures the heart and soul of baseball fanatics everywhere.

The beauty of spring training lies in its unique setting- Arizona provides an ideal place for teams to hone their skills and build chemistry as they prepare for regular season play. With beautiful mountain vistas, 82-degree days, and hot springs nearby, MLB teams flock to places like Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Surprise, Goodyear, Glendale, and Tucson for their pre-season training regimen.

Spring Training 2023 in Arizona

Of course, it’s not just about the weather;
Arizona boasts several historic ballparks that are part of MLB's storied history. Grandstands at Arizona ballparks are packed with enthusiastic fans who come out every spring hoping to get autographs or share in lively banter with players between games. The atmosphere is also electric at night games when colorful fireworks displays’ light up blue skies across the horizon. Historic facilities, such as Hohokam Park in Mesa, Arizona that was built in 1976, have served as the spring training home of the Oakland Athletics for many years. This park was home to several black players during the era of segregation, including Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, and Jackie Robinson.

In addition to getting an up-close view of some of their favorite MLB stars in action, fans have access to numerous off-the-field activities such as golf tournaments and pregame events like tailgates. Fans can also explore all thatArizona has to offer away from the field by taking part in special excursions such as guided tours through Papago Park or hiking along Saguaro National Park's trails filled with towering cacti perfect for capturing on camera.So, why not plan a trip to Arizona this spring and experience the magic of spring training for yourself? Take in a game at the Tempe Diablo Stadium or one of the other world-class venues in the area and learn more about the history of baseball in Arizona and the Buffalo Soldiers who helped make it all possible. With its warm weather, beautiful scenery, and vibrant baseball culture, Arizona is the perfect destination for anyone looking to escape the cold and enjoy some fun in the sun. Whether you’re a diehard baseball fan or a casual traveler looking for something different than your usual tourist experience—Major League Baseball Spring Training in Arizona offers something exciting for everyone!

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