Lake Havasu


Along the banks of the Colorado River, the town of Ehrenberg unfolds.

Right Now

Once a mining town known as Mineral City, the town was also a major port for people traveling down the river, headed for the interior of Arizona. Today, bring your watercraft for a day of play on the Colorado River without having to fight throngs of other river enthusiasts.

Believe it or not, Arizona doesn’t have a single sand dune. Ehrenberg, however, is a short zip away from the Glamis sand dunes, one of the best sand dune riding locations in the U.S. If you’re a drag racing fan, desert sand drags are a popular pastime here, too.

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Ehrenberg Chamber of Commerce | PO Box 800 | Ehrenberg, AZ | (928) 923-9661 |

County It all started How High? Head Count
La Paz 1863 288ft 1,386

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