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Enjoy outstanding hiking and golf near the Pinal Mountains about 90 minutes southeast of metropolitan Phoenix.

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Do you love visiting small towns with big outdoor appeal? Kearny offers great golf and hiking with the gorgeous Pinal Mountains as a backdrop.

Plan a day outdoors. Hits some balls at the Kearny Golf Course or pull on your hiking boots and traverse to the top of Steamboat Mountain, north of town, for an exceptional view of the Gila River Valley. You can also find a seasonal waterfall and fossils of ancient sea creatures in the limestone boulders while exploring the trails of the Dripping Springs Mountains to the east of Kearny.

Kearny was built in 1958 by Kennecott Mining Company as a planned community to house miners in the nearby towns of Ray, Sonora, and Barcelona, before they were engulfed by the expanding open-pit mine. Mining remains big business today, with copper still being actively extracted from the mine. Kearny was named in honor of Stephen Watts Kearny, a Brevet Major General in the U.S. Army, who organized the “Army of the West” by order of President Polk. He led troops to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and on to secure California in 1846.

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Town of Kearny | 912-C Tibury Dr. | Kearny, AZ | (520) 363-5547 |

County It all started How High? Head Count
Pinal 1958 2,070ft 1,860

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