Hassayampa Inn by Bruce Dorn / City of Prescott

Ghost Tours of Arizona

By: Elena Acoba

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August 30, 2017

Meet the spirits that roam Arizona after dark.

About the author

Elena Acoba

Elena Acoba

Since moving to Tucson in 1988, freelance writer Elena Acoba has enjoyed traveling to the four corners of Arizona. Her favorites spots in her adopted state: the natural wonders and the rich historical sights.

The Arizona frontier was full of dangers: grisly accidents, tragic circumstances and dark acts in a lawless land. Visit some of Arizona’s most haunted places in the dark of night, and see if you can find a spirit or two.

Tours of Jerome

Did the mayor’s son kill respected prostitute Sammie Dean in her home – where her spirit still lives – one night in 1931? Does Headless Charlie still haunt the mine where he met his end in a gruesome accident?

Guides try to answer these questions and more in three separate tours by Tours of Jerome. Two- and four-hour walking tours cover haunted locations in the old mining town, as well as nearby Clarkdale and Cottonwood. A five-hour van ride includes dinner. Each tour includes plenty of lore and use of equipment to locate spirits.

Old Bisbee Ghost Tour

Seven tours and ghost hunts by Old Bisbee Ghost Tour bring you close to the phantoms of one of Arizona’s major mining boomtowns.

The Bisbee Inn, known as the Hotel LaMore when it first opened in the early 20th century, is a popular stop to find odd stuff going on. One resident spectral is a calico cat. It died when it accidently got locked in the saloon’s storage room and starved. People staying at the hotel say they can feel the cat brush by.

Ghost Trolley Tours of Historic Yuma

The city that preserves an Arizona territorial prison is bound to have plenty of gruesome tales. Ghost Trolley Tours of Historic Yuma delivers with two-hour rides along the streets of historical downtown. Tours run from October through April.

One story focuses on Elena Estrada, a heartbreaker by many accounts, who is thought to haunt the prison cemetery where her presence is felt. She was convicted of manslaughter after killing her lover and cutting out his cheating heart.

Tombstone Ghost & Murder Tours

George Self, a guide for one-hour motorized trolley trips by Tombstone Ghost & Murder Tours on Fridays and Saturdays, tells the story of 1888 ill-fated lovers George Daves and Petra Edmunds. Edmunds was a flirt and Daves spied her one night walking down Third Street with another guy.

Daves shot at Edmunds, who fell from a minor wound. Thinking he killed her, Daves fatally shot himself. It’s said his ghost hangs out on Third Street. Twelve other sites along the tour show that there’s a lot more to Tombstone, famed for the 1881 shootout at the O.K. Corral.

Tucson Ghost Company

Tucson Ghost Company leads two-hour walking tours through downtown, which preserves many territorial relics among its modern entertainment spots. One place is the Amtrak train depot, Tucson’s original train station when the railroad arrived in 1880 to the dusty territorial town.

Days after the shootout in Tombstone, Wyatt Earp and several others accompanied injured brother Virgil on a train to California with a stop in Tucson. Wyatt spied Frank Stilwell, who was believed to have killed Wyatt’s brother Morgan. Stilwell died in a shootout on the tracks with the Earp group. Some report feeling Stilwell’s presence on the loading dock.

A Haunting Experience Tours, Prescott

A Haunting Experience Tours takes you on a two-hour walk in search of ghosts that haunt downtown Prescott. The stories are so tragic and scary, guides warn that the tours may not be appropriate for young children.

One such tale is that of Faith Summers, who spent her honeymoon at the Hassayampa Inn in 1927. Her new husband stepped out to buy cigarettes and disappeared. She waited for three days, then publicly took her life. She’s famously felt today.

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