Just one mile from the Grand Canyon, Tusayan’s offerings make it one of the best places to stay during your adventure. Discover the ways to enjoy your stay in Tusayan.

So many people come to see the Grand Canyon, that a convenient place to stay the night nearby was needed. Tusayan makes it easy for guests, as you can get park passes and reserve tours ahead of time at the visitor center or local businesses, allowing you to make the most of your adventure to the Grand Canyon National Park, just one mile north of town.

Natural beauty

Tusayan outfitters offer many ways for visitors to immerse themselves in the untamed natural beauty of the area. For thrill-seekers, helicopter and airplane tours depart from the town’s Grand Canyon National Airport and showcase unmatched aerial views. Guided Jeep tours keep visitors on the ground for views from the canyon’s rim. During the peak travel months from the end of May to September, the Tusayan Shuttle takes visitors straight to the park’s visitor center (no need to stress about finding parking). Trailheads are just steps away to explore the canyon on two feet.

The built environment

Vacation rule: If there is an IMAX theater inside a visitor center, you should check it out. Tusayan offers a literal playground built for visitors from around the world who have come to enjoy Arizona’s most popular attraction. For such a tiny, quaint town, the assortment of grand Tusayan lodging options, and their restaurants and amenities, may seem surprising. These creature comforts encourage many visitors to make their Grand Canyon experience more than a quick stop-and-look. Spending a few days in the area, many visitors discover, is the best way to reveal the secrets of the canyon.

Dark skies, bright stars

At more than a mile high, Tusayan has four distinct seasons and is nestled within the dense Kaibab National Forest. In such a beautiful place, the town was an early adopter of sustainable travel, promoting water conservation and Leave No Trace principles since its inception. The town’s commitment to protecting Grand Canyon National Park has earned the designation as an Arizona Green Community, a popular accreditation among visitors who seek a peaceful, respectful experience with one of the seven natural wonders of the world

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