Like an Old West theme park, the Town Too Tough to Die brings its history to life on Allen Street.

Located in southern Arizona's Cochise County, historic Tombstone embraces its Wild West roots. The Tombstone of today brings history to life with daily re-creations, actors in period garb and preservation of landmarks. It’s authentic and beloved, and you can’t help but to have fun with it.

The Wild West

Go back to the 1800s, when cowboys and outlaws spun their spurs and horses whinnied at the first sniff of a gunfight. It’s not that hard: The central street of downtown Tombstone, Allen Street, retains much of the historic character that made it famous all those decades ago. At the O.K. Corral in The Streets of Tombstone Theater, actors playing the Earps and Doc Holliday rapidly re-create a long-simmering feud against the Cowboys—cementing 30 seconds of history in hundreds of visitors' minds every week. Some have said it’s the most famous shootout of the American Wild West, and Tombstone keeps it top-of-mind.

Remnants of history

Wyatt Earp’s house has become a museum and gallery with an impressive collection of Earp memorabilia. Explore the home where Earp lived with his common-law wife Mattie, and imagine the conversations they had about tensions among the Cowboys, Earps and Doc Holliday. At the Boothill Cemetery, lighthearted tombstones sometimes take you away from the town’s chaotic history. Step into Big Nose Kate's to re-immerse yourself. A bar, former brothel and entry to Tombstone’s former silver mine shafts, Big Nose Kate’s serves up drinks and dining with the occasional bar dance.


Living history meets departed history in Tombstone. The Bird Cage Theater and The Crystal Palace are some of the places that the living and the dead love to visit. The Bird Cage Theater hosts the spirits of former brothel workers, whose laughter and music seemingly continue the parties of the Old West as if they never ended. And at the Crystal Palace, the sound of boots and spurs, and an independently spinning roulette wheel, keep the fun alive. Alive?

Drinking & dining

Tombstone is home to one of the best craft breweries in the state of Arizona. Yes! Stop into Tombstone Brewing Company to sample this little town’s big talent when it comes to combining hops, yeast, water and barley.

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A haven for creatives, this historic mining town has maintained its authentic Western quirk to the delight of visitors.

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