Lake Havasu City

Water sports and the London Bridge - yes, the London Bridge - are the crowning jewels of this sunny city, filled with as much adventure as you can pack into your schedule.

Robert P. McCulloch captured the world's attention in 1967 when he purchased the London Bridge and relocated it from England to the stunning Colorado River. Since the city's official incorporation in 1978, the community has continued to thrive on the spirit of possibility and innovation and recently earned $2 million as one of America's Best Communities.

As the new home of the London Bridge, Lake Havasu City attracts more than 1 million visitors annually with 60 miles of uninterrupted navigable waterways, 300 annual events, 300 days of sunshine, 400 miles of river coastline, and 1,800 miles of off-road trails.

Here, you can explore the desert by foot, mountain bike, or off-road vehicle. You can discover secret lake coves in a kayak or in a high-performance luxury boat, lounge in the Bridgewater Channel or camp under gazing stars.

You can experience 27 replica lighthouses that dot the river's edge, the largest skateboard/BMX/scooter complex in Arizona situated next to a beach, and etchings in a granite block of the London Bridge that transport you to a moment between two soldiers in World War II.

Here, white sandy beaches mingle with breathtaking red rock mountains and breezy palm trees to give you an experience unique to Arizona.

Here is your playground where you don't have to bring your own toys to play; you can borrow ours.

Check out the live weather webcam for a real-time view of the weather.

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