Cocopah Indian Tribe

Experience the Cocopah Indian Tribe’s thriving culture along the Colorado river and Mexican border.

Originally known as the river people, the Cocopah Indian Tribe is nestled between Yuma and San Felipe Mexico and right along the Colorado River, about 13 miles south of the city of Yuma.

History & Nature

It was along the riverbanks that the ancestors of the present-day Cocopah people caught fish and grew various beans, corn and grains. The language, absent the use of the written word, remains alive having been passed down through generations of families.

A little over a decade ago, the community opened a tribal museum and cultural center where visitors can learn about their culture, and their traditional dance grounds are still used for tribal festivities, hand games and dances.

Things to Do

Enjoy gaming at the Cocopah Casino & Resort and Wild River Family Entertainment Center, golfing at the Cocopah Rio Colorado Golf Course, and learning about the Cocopah culture at the Cocopah Museum and Cultural Center.

Where to Stay

The Cocopah Casino & Resort is just a short distance from the Yuma International Airport and provides a comfortable place to reside while enjoying the community.

Annual Events

Cocopah Cultural Celebration Day
Where: West Cocopah Reservation
When: October

Native American Day
Location: Cocopah Casino & Resort
Date: September on Native American Day

For More Information

Tribal Government
14515 S. Veterans Drive
Somerton, AZ 85250
(928) 627-2102

Visit Tribal Website

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