Birding in Arizona: A Guide to Northern Arizona

A foremost bird expert shares his favorite Arizona birding spots in Northern Arizona.

Birding in Arizona: A Guide to Northern Arizona

Arizona birder Richard Cachor Taylor not only penned Birding in Arizona — a must-have pocket guide for birders of all skill levels — he’s also the world’s leading expert on the Elegant Trogon, a tropical, migratory species. His evolution from childhood curious birdwatcher to a bird expert and professional guide is an interesting one.

Taylor’s book packs a punch with detailed descriptions and photographs of 500 species of birds found in Arizona — large or small, rare or common — and all are given equal prominence, from vultures and eagles to sparrows and warblers.

Here, Taylor shares his birding knowledge about birding in Northern Arizona.

Birds Found in This Region

California Condor, Peregrine Falcon, Common Raven, Pinyon Jay, Sage Thrasher, Evening Grosbeak, Western Tanager

Most Popular Birding Location

South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Hidden Gem Birding Spot

Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Chinle

Don’t-Miss Birding Events

Northern Arizona Audubon Society’s
monthly events, various locations

Birding in Arizona: A Guide to Northern Arizona
Peregrine Falcon. Photo credit: Steve Wolfe, Courtesy of R W Morse Company.

Buy the Book

From Yuma to the Four Corners, Birds of Arizona (published by R.W. Morse, 2022) by Richard Cachor Taylor encompasses all the regularly occurring birds within Arizona and is available for sale on Amazon.

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