One of These Nights - A Tribute to the Eagles

Jun 15th

  • AdmissionStarting at $99
  • Time5:00 PM to 9:30 PM
Embrace the spirit of classic rock with ONE OF THESE NIGHTS, the extraordinary Eagles tribute event that promises an evening of remarkable musical fidelity. Each strum, harmonious vocal, and soul-stirring melody will faithfully recreate the Eagles’ profound narrative in American music. As the lights dim and the first chords echo through Blazin’ M Ranch, fans will find themselves on a transcendent journey through the “Life in the Fast Lane,” where every song feels like a familiar embrace from the past. The event transforms Blazin’ M Ranch into a vibrant concert space where the spirit of the 70s reigns supreme for a night.

To complement the auditory feast, guests will be treated to Blazin’ M Ranch’s signature BBQ Chicken and Rib dinner, bringing an authentic Western culinary experience to the table. Imagine indulging in succulent smoky flavors as classic hits provide the soundtrack to an impeccable dining experience. And for those looking to spice up the night further, a cash bar is available, offering a selection of beverages to toast to the occasion. This melding of sumptuous flavors and legendary tunes guarantees an evening that is as much a delight for the palate as it is for the soul. Call for discounts on multiple show bookings.
  • Location Blazin' M Ranch
  • 1875 Mabery Ranch Road
  • Cottonwood, Arizona 86326


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