Edible & Medicinal Plants - June 2018

Nopalitos? Agave syrup? Mesquite flour? Have you tasted the sweet, unique flour that can be ground from mesquite pods? How about prickly pear cactus fruit jelly, or a nopalito; the pickled strips of a prickly pear cactus pad? Desert plant enthusiast Jim Shepherd guides an 8:00 a.m. one-hour walk on the first Saturday each month this summer where you'll see prickly pear cacti, the towering stalks of our native Agave chrysantha, and mesquite trees - with a chance to taste a few "desert edible" samples ranging from prickly pear jelly to nopalitos, mesquite flour, and agave nectar. Ethno-Botany is the study of edible, medicinal and practical uses for desert plants that have fed, clothed and healed desert dwellers for 1,000 years. Editor's note: this tour explores the Curandero Trail, which has steep sections that are not suitable for visitors who use wheelchairs or walkers. Walks continue July 7, August 4, and September 1.

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Jun 2, 2018


Boyce Thompson Arboretum
37615 U.S. Highway 60
Superior, AZ 85273


Event included with Admission:  $12.50 for Adults, $5 for children 5-12, free for children under 5. Free to Arboretum members and Arizona State Parks pass-holders.

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