Winter Outdoor Adventure Quest

Arizona State Parks and Trails is collaborating with Outdoor Adventure Quest to bring their app-based outdoors challenge to Arizona. The three-day quest will come to Arizona December 8-10, 2017. Quest participants will take on a variety of tasks in parks, and on trails, lakes and mountains throughout the state for a chance earn points and win prizes. This outdoor-based event aims to get millennials outside to see places they've never been and try outdoor recreation activities they've never done. There is no start line or finish line because this adventure was meant to be easily accessible to questers across the state.
"We are seeing more and more interest in the outdoors by young people," said Sue Black, Executive Director of Arizona State Parks and Trails. "We are thrilled to partner with Outdoor Adventure Quest on this fun and innovative event. Combining technology with outdoor adventure to get more people out in the parks and throughout Arizona, it's a great concept."
Outdoor Adventure Quest Founder, Lindsey Beres said, "The outdoor racing market has long been saturated with obstacle courses and standard race formats for some time. Outdoor Adventure Quest was born from a desire to create something unique and engaging for the general outdoor enthusiast living anywhere in a state, metro or mountain town! Rather than shunning technology in the outdoors, the millennials that join our Quest embrace the technology that allows them to go new places and try new activities."
Outdoor Adventure Quest is a three-day multisport, build-your-own adventure challenge. A digital event powered by an app that spans one state, three days, twelve outdoor sport disciplines and over 500 challenge tasks with varying points assigned to each. Participants can monitor just how impressive or lackluster they are with a live in-app scoreboard that shows the scores of teams all over the state. Teams compete to win 4 different ways and for oodles of cool gear from our sponsors. Visit for more details.
WHAT: Outdoor Adventure Quest

WHERE: Arizona (statewide)
WHEN: December 8-10, 2017



Dec 8, 2017 - Dec 10, 2017


Phoenix, AZ

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