Javelinas de Tubac

Join us as we fill the community of downtown Tubac and select areas with Javelina sculptures painted by area artists! This is a community art project inspired by cities like Chicago, Santa Fe, and St. Joseph. The Javelinas will be on display from October 26, 2019, through the Spring of 2020. The largest herd will be hanging out in Tubac, but about a half dozen will be checking baggage and getting their pictures taken at the Tucson International Airport. We even have a couple checking out the sites in Green Valley! 

Ten of the over fifty Javelinas de Tubac that will be unveiled on Oct. 26 will be immediately available for bid in a silent auction.  All of the “wild javelinas,” painted by local artists and organizations, will roam free in Tubac through the end of March 2020. Those interested in obtaining one of the ten can bid on these unique art pieces from Oct. 26 at 10 am through November 3 at 5 pm at the Tubac Center of the Arts (TCA), the nonprofit organization in charge of this outdoor art exhibit.

Interested bidders must go to TCA, located at #9 Plaza Road in Tubac, to obtain a bid number, see photos of the javelinas up for bid and place their bids on accompanying silent auction bid forms.  Most of the javelinas that are up for bid are located in Tubac, so auction bidders can use the maps available at TCA, the Tubac Chamber of Commerce and local business sponsors to find the javelinas’ locations and see them in person.  The javelinas up for bid will have an orange bow tied around one of their feet. Participants can bid as often as they like, but they must be willing to wait to receive their javelinas until the outdoor exhibit closes on March 31, 2020.  Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Tubac Center of the Arts and other local charities.

The following javelinas are just a few that will be included in the Javelinas de Tubac Silent Auction, open to the public from Oct. 26 through Nov. 3.  To see a list and photos of all javelinas offered in the silent auction, see https://javelinasdetubac.com/silent-auction/.



Oct 26, 2019 - Feb 29, 2020



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