32nd Annual Suvoyuki Day

Arizona State Parks and the Hopi nation invite you to share in the rich, cultural experiences of the Hopi tribe at our annual Suvoyuki Day! "Suvoyuki" is a Hopi word that means to accomplish work through a joint effort. This event celebrates the partnership that helps to protect and preserve the archaeological and cultural sites in the Homolovi area. This event is a partnership between Arizona State Parks and Trails and the Homolovi Chapter Arizona Archaeology Society.

Share in the traditions of the Hopi...
Gain insight into the lifestyle, language, celebrations, history of the Hopi Tribe and learn about etiquette on Hopi lands.

The day begins with the serving of husked corn, cooked overnight in a traditional corn roasting pit. You'll see people munching on this sweet treat all day long until they run out.

Visitors will be able to browse the Hopi marketplace for jewelry, baskets, pottery and other wares made by local artists and nationally-recognized craftspeople. There will also be a pottery firing demonstration where visitors can learn how the Hopi fired pottery without a kiln.

The Hopi also generously share some of their traditional dances, which are rarely seen by the public. Musicians and dancers explain the significance of the dances and costumes before allowing visitors to hear their songs and experience their dance. There are usually two dances, one in the late morning and the other in the early afternoon.

A must-see for any archaeology enthusiast
On Suvoyuki Day, arcaheologists from the area give an extensive guided tour of one of the four archaeological sites inside the park. At Homolovi I, the site is littered with shards of painted clay pottery, some dating back hundreds of years! These remnants are a fascinating and compelling site to behold, and we ask that visitors respect this place by leaving these artifacts where they are in the park.

An unsung chapter of WWII...
The Homolovi State Park visitor center also houses a memorial to the Hopi Code Talkers of WWII. Although most people are familiar with the Navajo Code Talkers, not many people are aware of the other tribes that used their language to communicate important information during the war. Historians from the Hopi tribe will give a presentation on the contributions their tribe made to the war effort speaking their language, a secret "code" that was never broken by the enemy.

The importance of respect
The Hopi are generous to share their culture with the community, so please be respectful of the people and the park:

Please do not take any artifacts, rocks, or plants that you may find in the park.
The Hopi consider Homolovi to be a living place where their ancestors still live. Please be respectful of that in your speech and conduct.
The Hopi invite you to experience their culture personally so they may ask that you refrain from taking photos or taking photos for commercial purposes.
The Homolovi Visitor Center also houses a memorial to the Hopi Code Talkers who fought in WWII. Please afford it the same respect as you would any other or our country's military history sites.
Visitor Information
Homolovi State Park is located just outside of Winslow, north of the I-40 (Route 66). Visitors take the 87 north from the I-40 to the park entrance.

Click here to see a Google Map of the park.

Suvoyuki Day events will last from 8am until 3pm on the first Saturday in August. This is a free event sponsored in part by the Hopi tribe, so we encourage visitors to donate to the various cultural experiences presented throughout the day.

Arizona State Parks welcomes you to Homolovi State Park!


Aug 3, 2019


Homolovi State Park
Arizona 87
Winslow, AZ 86047


8 a.m. - 3 p.m.




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