Looking for the perfect fishing spot in Arizona? Look no further than Wenden, the “Gateway to Alamo Lake.” This community is scattered with old gold mines and boasts quick access to Alamo Lake, one of Arizona’s best bass fishing spots.

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With gold mines, bass fishing, and a can’t-miss art gallery, Wenden holds treasures for all of its visitors.

Make Wenden your home base as you explore Alamo Lake State Park, just 36 miles north of town. Alamo Lake is an angler’s paradise, loaded with bass and nestled amid scenic mountains speckled with wildflowers and cacti. Plus, the secluded park makes the perfect spot for some nighttime stargazing.

Back in town, it’s hard to miss the Courtyard Gallery on 60, with its brightly painted façade and a vintage motel sign welcoming drivers on U.S. Highway 60. This eclectic gallery features local artwork, antiques, and collectibles, plus a studio where you can express your own creativity during open painting and drawing days.

Want to strike it rich? The mountainous terrain north of Wenden was once home to prosperous gold mines, some of which are still in operation today. Plus, this region is still jam-packed with rough gemstones like agate and onyx, so pack a rock hammer and get to digging!

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McMullen Valley Chamber of Commerce | 66710 U.S. Hwy. 60 | Salome, AZ | (928) 859-3846 | www.azoutback.net/Wenden.html

County It all started How High? Head Count
La Paz 1905 1,867ft 728

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