Colorado City

Part of the fiercely beautiful area known as the “Arizona Strip,” the rural town of Colorado City lies along the Arizona-Utah border.

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The panoramic views – more than any camera could ever capture – will forever etch themselves in your memory. 

It’s said that red dirt gets in your blood. The dramatic sandstone range – sometimes dubbed “the Arizona Strip” – encompasses a whopping five million acres of land in northwestern Arizona and southern Utah. It’s emphatically red: sand, cliffs, and skies at sunrise and sunset. There’s so much hiking, rock climbing, and just plain ogling, it could take you a lifetime. Yet for the high visitation in the many regional parks, including the Grand Canyon, you feel as though you have this place to yourself.

Colorado City is located on the northern border of Arizona adjacent to Hildale, Utah. The town was originally called Short Creek because the local stream sank into the sand before it had a chance to run very far. There’s evidence Ancient Puebloans lived here, then the Kaibab Paiute, and finally the first modern settlers were Mormon ranchers and homesteaders who came to Arizona seeking refuge in the 1930s.

Life may be hardscrabble here, requiring great fortitude, but the inedible backdrop of the Vermilion Cliffs is ample reward. Pull-outs on Arizona Highway 67 showcase the Kaibab Plateau that stretches into the farthest horizon, an indelible example of Mother Nature’s artistry

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County It all started How High? Head Count
Mohave 1985 4,977ft 4,821

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