Discover the gem of Chloride tucked away in the northwest corner of Arizona.

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Built on silver mining, Chloride once boasted more than 70 active mines. Today, the town is a ghost of what it was, but what it is, is a friendly, vibrant small community, living with its past and enjoying its present. 

Snugged up against the Cerbat Mountains, this not-quite-ghost-town is as real as it gets. Artists and retirees, outdoor enthusiasts, and a few young families revel in the clean air, quiet setting (except when the coyotes sing in the hills), killer sunsets, and star-spangled night skies. This little town's motto says it all: "Chloride – quaint,!"

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4940 Tennessee Ave. | Chloride, AZ | (928) 565-4888 |

County It all started How High? Head Count
Mohave 1863 4,000ft 380

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