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Stargazing takes on two meanings in Oracle – seeing the brilliant nighttime sky emerge and remembering Hollywood stars who once relaxed on a guest ranch here. There’s plenty of hardy outdoor activity to fill the days, too.

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In the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains, at a cool elevation of 4,500 feet, you’ll discover the historic town of Oracle nestled among boulders, oaks, and grasslands. This rural western community has always attracted colorful, diverse characters - from ranchers, miners and trail blazing adventurers to artists, musicians and writers. There is plenty to do whether you seek outdoor exploration or inner tranquility. Come for a day, a weekend or longer, and get to know the beauty of our surroundings.

You can experience nature your way - by birding, hiking, camping, or mountain biking. Recharge your life with Oracle’s natural charm, scenic vistas, oak forests and warm hospitality. While you’re in town, visit world-famous Biosphere 2, soar over beautiful high desert terrains at Arizona Zipline Adventures or visit Acadia Ranch Museum, which is in the National Register of Historic Places. Acadia began as a sheep ranch, became a destination for the rich and famous, evolved into a tuberculosis sanatorium and now houses the Oracle Historical Society’s treasures.

Oracle State Park is a 4,000 acre wildlife refuge and a portion of the scenic Arizona Trail crosses through the park. After a glorious desert sunset, watch the stars light up the sky. Oracle is an official Dark Sky Community and excellent place for stargazing.

Oracle is proud of its art community. Artists and craftspeople conduct studio tours and exhibit throughout town. The Oracle Piano Society produces top quality events featuring world-famous musicians. Each fall, the historic Triangle L Guest Ranch hosts GLOW, a glorious nighttime illuminated art experience with live music, a sculpture path and performing artists.

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Oracle Visitor Center | 1470 W American Ave | Oracle, AZ | (520) 896-3300 |

County It all started How High? Head Count
Pinal 1878 4,513ft 3,686

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