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Get out on the trail! Rural Catalina lies outside the reaches of suburban Tucson, yet provides easy access to nearby Catalina State Park and Coronado National Forest.

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In the mile-high foothills north of Tucson the gloriously wild valley formed by Cañada del Oro Wash boasts streams, springs, and trails galore.

Perhaps it’s because there’s no infrastructure that Catalina hasn’t seen the winter-resident-fueled development of other neighboring Tucson cities. And the residents and visitors like it just this way.

Bounded by Oracle Junction on the north, Big Wash on the west, Catalina State Park on the south, and the Coronado National Forest on the east, the swathes of open space afford excellent recreation. Enjoy biking, hiking, and horseback riding by day, wildlife spotting at twilight, and stargazing at night.

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Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce | 7435 N. Oracle Rd., Ste. 107 | Tucson, AZ | (520) 297-2191 |

County It all started How High? Head Count
Pima 1959 3,156ft 7,569

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