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Located along the San Pedro River, Cascabel stretches from Benson to Redington. The winding, scenic roads of the valley are popular with motorcyclists.

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This ghost town in Cochise County gets its name from the Spanish word for “rattle,” as in snake. Abandoned since 1936, it’s now primarily home to family ranches.

Coronado first traveled through this area, near present-day Benson, in 1540. The lush valley, fed by the lower San Pedro River, was farmed by American Indians. Mexican and Anglo settlers followed, but were eventually driven out by the Apaches in 1865.

An unknown source once called the lower San Pedro River “one of the last great places.” To preserve a perennial stream here – one of the few remaining in the state, and an important wildlife habitat – the Bureau of Land Management has purchased some of the riparian river bottom acreage.

Let natural beauty envelop you as you enjoy what the community has to offer. Every year in early December, the annual Cascabel Community Fair brings together fiber, metal, wood, clay, photographic, and jewelry artisans inspired by the town’s rural beauty. The Oasis Sanctuary is a non-profit avian rescue that provides lifetime refuge to birds with special needs; it can be toured for a small donation.

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Cascabel, AZ cascabel.org/

County It all started How High? Head Count
Cochise 1916 3,195ft 200

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