This small town is notable for its thermal waters, and proximity to the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station.

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Surrounded by mountains. Known for its thermal waters. Near the largest power producer in the country. Welcome to Tonopah.

This small town, located about 50 miles west of downtown Phoenix, is surrounded by mountains to the north, west, and south. It opens in the east to the Hassayampa River, and is known for its thermal waters. These warm springs were so popular, hot-bath houses were opened here in the 1930s, and you can still soak in the springs today.

Local legend claims that Tonopah’s name came from an American Indian word meaning “hot water under a bush,” a fitting tribute to the defining feature of the area. Others claim that its name came from the Tonopah/Belmont Mine, which was owned by a company based in Tonopah, Nevada. The area is known to have been inhabited by the Hohokam, Patayan, and Yavapai people in the past.

Today, Tonopah is also known for a different type of thermal energy. The Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station – notable for being the largest power producer of any kind in the United States – is nearby. Although the plant is not open to the public, the Palo Verde Energy Education Center, about 30 miles east of town, has displays explaining nuclear power generation.

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County It all started How High? Head Count
Maricopa 1929 1,122ft 60

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