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Arizona City

Take a detour. The rural countryside of the Santa Cruz valley is a welcome way station in the busy corridor between Arizona’s two metropolises.

Right Now

Midway between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona City began as a planned community. Now, it’s a respite for motorists on the heavily used Interstate 10 corridor.

It was water – deep water – that spurred the creation of Arizona City. In 1959, the Arizona City Development Corporation discovered one of the state’s purest water sources. Near the Sawtooth Mountains, deep water courtesy of the Santa Cruz River, which flows north from Mexico, was struck. And just like that, a community sprung up in the desert. 

Nearby attractions include Picacho Peak State Park, 22 miles to the southwest, the site of the state’s only Civil War battle, and, to the north 20 miles, the preserved ruins at Casa Grande National Monument. If you’re a rock collector, the Agate Fields south of town boast distinctive banded agates. You can also fish, swim, or sail at the 48-acre manmade lake, or simply stretch your legs on the gently used country roads.

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Arizona City Chamber of Commerce | 13640 S. Sunland Gin Rd., Ste. 106 | Arizona City, AZ | (520) 466-5141 |

County It all started How High? Head Count
Pinal 1962 1,509ft 10,475

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