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When driving along Arizona Highway 89, you’ll know you’ve reached Yarnell when you are greeted by a sign that reads: “Where a desert breeze meets the mountain air.”

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Coming from Wickenburg, travelers gain altitude through a series of curves that are at times sweeping and at times hairpin-like. Popular with motorcyclists, this ascent up Yarnell Hill is also an excellent vista for photographers. A lookout point accessible via the downhill leg of Arizona Highway 89, which splits into two separate roadways as it negotiates the craggy terrain, offers gorgeous panoramic views of the desert valley 2,000 feet below. Catch this point at sunset or sunrise to add an expanded palette of colors to the already delightful landscape.

Though it is a tiny town, Yarnell – a community named after gold prospector Harrison Yarnell—has a surprisingly pleasant number of diversions for visitors. Stroll Arizona Highway 89 on weekend days and step into shops with smiling proprietors offering antiques, gifts, and imported items.

With small motels and RV parks, Yarnell is ideal for a weekend getaway. Sneak away for some quiet time at the comfortable local library or take a hike and enjoy the unusual and beautiful terrain. Time it right to catch one of their events such as Buzzard's Bash, which celebrates the seasonal flocks of turkey vultures that migrate every year from Mexico, and Yarnell Daze, a mountaintop festival with a parade, antique cars, and clowns.

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Yavapai 1873 4,850ft 649

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