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Smack dab in the middle of Arizona discover the town of Mayer. With its close proximity to Prescott, the late architect Paolo Soleri’s experimental desert community Arcosanti, and the Bradshaw mountains, there’s plenty to see and do.

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A claim to fame for Mayer is a CBS television series called Harts of the West, starring Beau Bridges and his father, Lloyd Bridges. The show was filmed here in 1993–94, even though it was set in Nevada. It was the perfect setting to depict a man who left his city job to pursue his dream of living the ranching life in the Old West.

Fun fact: Mayer’s original name was Big Bug Station. In 1882, it was renamed after John and Sadie Mayer, who ran the town’s Wells Fargo Express station. Their hospitality made the area a success.

During your visit, stay the night in a cozy and romantic cabin at Creekside Preserve Lodge and Guest Cabins. It’s a rare find to have a heart-shaped Jacuzzi next to the bed. Enjoy a delicious meal at Teskey’s Restaurant & Grill up the road, featuring country favorites such as chicken-fried steak or homemade strawberry jam.

Take a hike or horseback ride in Big Bug Mesa’s Grapevine Canyon near Mayer. The trailhead can be reached from a dirt road that climbs in altitude from dry scrub and cacti to pine-oak groves. You’ll find alder trees at the start of the 2.5-mile hike up the canyon. Depending on the time of year, you may also see dozens of waterfalls. 


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Mayer, AZ | (928) 632-4355 |

County It all started How High? Head Count
Yavapai 1882 4,409ft 1,497

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