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Cordes Junction

Pay a visit to Cordes Junction to explore the famed experimental community of Arcosanti.

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Juxtapose your Old West Arizona adventure with a visit to a futuristic community adjacent to Cordes Junction – Arcosanti.

Less than an hour southeast of scenic Prescott, Cordes Junction marks the halfway point between Phoenix and Flagstaff. In 1956, Italian-American architect Paolo Soleri (1919–2013) – a student of Frank Lloyd Wright’s – found the area an ideal spot for a community based on his “archology” concept – the combination of architecture and ecology.

Soleri’s experimental community of Arcosanti, built using minimal resources in construction and keeping the surrounding natural environment as accessible as possible, continues to draw tens of thousands of visitors each year.

Explore the visionary’s environmentally conscious concepts, pick up a signature bronze windbell, or even stay the night in one of Arcosanti’s guest rooms that overlook thousands of acres of the Agua Fria National Monument.

To jump through yet another time warp, head back to Cordes Junction for a meal at the 1950s-themed diner at the local motel and RV park for homemade meatloaf and creamy milkshakes.

Just The Facts

For Visitor information

Cordes Junction High Desert Heritage Museum and Visitor Center | 19600 E. Stagecoach Trail | Cordes Junction, AZ | (928) 632-4633 |

County It all started How High? Head Count
Yavapai 1956 3,800ft 60

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