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Near Wickenburg, the ghost town of Congress lives on through the annual old congress days celebration, quirky finds, and a celebrated restaurant.

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It’s common to see painted rocks arranged in the letter of the town they are in on the side of a hill – such as a B for Bisbee – but the town of Congress has a special rock formation. While traveling along Highway 89 between Wickenburg and Prescott, you’ll spy a 60-ton rock formation that resembles and is painted bright green to look like a frog. It’s not simply a quirky find from recent years though; it has been dutifully painted since 1928.

Congress originally came to life when a miner struck gold here in 1884. The addition of a post office and nearby Santa Fe Railroad added to the growing town until the mines closed in the 1930s. Today Congress adds to the list of Arizonan ghost towns and serves as a retirement community to nearby Wickenburg. Each October, residents and visitors gathers to celebrate its history with Old Congress Days, which includes a parade, food, drag races, crafts, and more.

While you are in town, how does a Moscow Mule with a sprig of fresh mint, sweet and savory chicken and waffles, or Elvis French toast stuffed with peanut butter and bananas sound? Surprisingly, in the heart of this sleepy little town there is a top-notch restaurant: Nichols West, owned by a couple who relocated here from New York, gets rave reviews.


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Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce | 216 N. Frontier St. | Wickenburg, AZ | (928) 684-5479 | www.wickenburgchamber.com

County It all started How High? Head Count
Yavapai 1884 3,045ft 1,975

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