Explore one of Arizona’s living ghost towns and stay the night in its quaint bed & breakfast.

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Imagine when the creek running alongside the little town of Cherry was lined with wild cherry trees. It must have been a beautiful sight.

More than a hundred years have passed since that time, and desert trees have long since replaced those cherry trees that gave this little town its name. In its heyday, pretty little Cherry attracted miners and those needing a rest while traveling between Dewey and Camp Verde.

There was a large enough community to have the need for a schoolhouse, fire station, and post office. After the mines went bust in the 1940s, folks left the area, and Cherry turned into a sleepy little ghost town.

Eventually, the peace and quiet and the area’s natural beauty attracted new residents, and the little town now boasts about 70 citizens and summer homes dot the landscape. Visitors are drawn to Cherry for hiking, mountain biking, bird and wildlife watching, photography, or sitting on a porch swing. It’s also perfectly situated for daytrips to Sedona, Prescott, and Jerome.

Stay at the Cherry Creek Bed & Breakfast for the night. The knowledgeable owners are happy to share Cherry’s history. And stroll amid the headstones from the late 19th and 20th centuries in the old cemetery – they reveal a little about the people who inhabited the area in its early days.


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Cherry Creek Bed & Breakfast | 11015 W. Cherry Creek Rd. | Dewey, AZ | 11015 W. Cherry Creek Rd. |

County It all started How High? Head Count
Yavapai 1860 5,143ft 75

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