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Marvel at all that is the magnificent Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, at a comfortable pace in the company of one of Southwest's professional Driver-Guides. Our journey takes you north, through the magnificent Sonoran desert. One of the most populated Eco-Systems in world. You will be amazed at all the desert has to offer. Your driver guide will share their knowledge of the history, geology and flora and fauna along the way. Our comfortable vans have been customized with improved seating and an onboard speaker system for a relaxed and enjoyable ride. As we head north the terrain starts to change, first Saguaro cacti, then grasslands, and on to the cool Ponderosa forests of the north! The views keep changing and make the time go by. Next we pass thru Flagstaff, home to the Historic Mother road Route 66, and head to the largest Native American reservation in North America; the Navajo Nation. With just a little over 16 million acres, the scenic beauty of this area is almost as impressive as the Grand Canyon. Views of the Painted Desert and the San Francisco Mountains' snow covered peaks will be the highlight of this leg of the trip. Your lunch today will be at the historic Cameron Trading post. Established in 1915, this trading post is still the center of commerce in the area. The menu at Cameron Trading Post's restaurant is a pleasant mingling of American, Mexican, and local cuisine. While you will find all your traditional favorites, you can also enjoy a more adventurous culinary experience. Vegetarian meals are also available. After some sight seeing and shopping at the trading post we head thru the Painted Desert and enjoy views of the Little Colorado River Gorge before reaching the destination you have been waiting for, The Grand Canyon National Park. Unlike other tour companies whose tours detour through Sedona, we at Southwest Tours strive to give you the most time possible at the Grand Canyon. You'll enjoy three full hours of spectacular views from at least four view points. Your first view of the Grand Canyon will be at Desert View, home of the historic Watchtower and best vantage point to see the mighty Colorado River. Our next stop may be Grandview Point, the starting point for many hiking trips into the Grand Canyon, or Yavapai Point and museum for a geology walk. Your guide may suggest a mild hike along the rim of the Canyon from Mather point to the historic El Tovar hotel. No tour is the same. Each trip is customized to the group traveling with us. Your experienced tour guide remains with you throughout the day to share knowledge of the Grand Canyon and take you to places you will never find on your own. Around 4:30pm we head back down to the Valley of the Sun stopping again in the Verde Valley for a quick dinner before bringing you right back to the hotel where we picked you up.

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