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The 80-year history of Mormon Lake Lodge began in 1924 in the heyday of ranching and logging in Northern Arizona, when a Chandler, Arizona man built the Lodge, formerly known as Tombler's Lodge. It was a place for men to bring their families for a good meal and to have a little fun in the adjoining saloon. On July 4, 1974 a faulty heater caused a fire that burned the Lodge to the ground during a gathering of the Verde Valley Sheriff's Posse for the world's largest jackpot team-roping contest. With pride and determination, local ranchers from throughout the state volunteered their time and strength and rebuilt the Lodge by Labor Day weekend - in time for the next roping event. Upon the completion, the ranchers burned their branding irons into the walls as a symbol of protection. When you visit the Lodge today, you can still see the brandings on the walls.

Mormon Lake Lodge

Mormon Lake Lodge is your source for great cabin rentals in Northern AZ! Featuring unique cabin rentals, from small rooms for hunters and hikers, to large cabins for family vacations and weekend events.

Mormon Lake Lodge's Cabin Rentals are available all year long. Mormon Lake Lodge hosts great corporate events, holiday vacation experiences and weddings. Horseback riding, shopping, and great dining at our Pizzeria, as well as our famous Steakhouse.
Come see what makes us a popular venue all year long, from great winter activities, and prime destination for summer activities, helping people to get out of the busy and the heat, and into making memories that last forever! visit Mormon Lake Lodge today.

Mormon Lake Lodge
1991 Mormon Lake Rd
Mormon Lake, AZ 86038

Phone: 928-354-2227

Hours Of Operation:
Depends on the season. Must call for details.

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