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Paranormal group tours conducted in the authentically haunted and significantly historic, former silver mining camp and living ghost town, Chloride.

CHLORIDE Tour Company

The CHLORIDE Tour Company curates an exciting slate of experiential historical tours and paranormal activities.

World-famous GHOST EXPEDITIONS (Est. 1994), provides exclusive evening access for a hands-on investigation of haunted Chloride, Ariz., while exercising Psi abilities with exclusive PSYCHIC BOOT CAMP(c) field tests. For adults 18 and older.

CHLORIDE'S HAUNTED HISTORY Tours tickle the imagination with highlights of more than 150 years of real American Southwest history: Miners and American Indians, shady ladies and desperadoes, a little town gossip, stories of famous and infamous people and, a few accounts of the supernatural. 4 of 5 known senses are engaged while touring this important Arizona ghost town in the Cerbat foothills.

Singing bells, mostly unseen, add an additional layer of wonderment while experiencing first-hand, this unique 'sleeping ground' with SECRETS OF THE CHLORIDE CEMETERY Tours by Friends of History. It's insight into Chloride Cemetery's 'after life business' and its most fascinating residents.

CHLORIDE Tour Company
4951 Pay Roll Ave
Chloride, AZ 86431

Phone: (928) 255-5589

Hours Of Operation:
7 Days / Nights, Reservations required

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