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Once an active mining camp home to 75 mines and almost 5,000 residents, Chloride is considered the oldest continuously inhabited mining town in the state.

Chloride Ghost Town

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Come see the old west with a stop in this free-to-visit ghost town. Take pictures in the saloon, visit the museum or catch a live gun fight at high noon (Saturdays only). Group tours, buses and RVs are all welcome.

A little more than a mile outside town, and accessible on-foot or via a 4-wheel-drive-only road, are the murals of Chloride miner, Roy Purcell. Painted in the late 60s, Roy's murals are a sight to see, covering 2,000 square feet of rocks and granite along the mountain-side.

Chloride Ghost Town
4942 Tennessee Ave.
Chloride, Arizona 86431

Phone: 928-565-5454

Hours Of Operation:
Open Saturday & Sunday

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