South of the Border

Crossing the Border

Before you plan to cross the border, make sure you understand the paperwork and identification you’ll need for your visit with this overview of important guidelines.

Crossing the Border

Documents necessary to travel to Mexico

Multiple Immigration Form (FMM)

Visitors to Mexico must carry a passport and obtain an FMM (Multiple Immigration Form) visa to travel beyond the border area of Mexico. The visa is free for stays up to seven days or $500 for a valid visa up to 180 days. You may apply for the visa online or at the immigration offices at the border.

For more information, visit: How to Travel Into Sonora (PDF) US State Department

Passport and ID Requirements

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative requires all persons, including US citizens, who are traveling to and from the Americas, the Caribbean, and Bermuda to have a passport or other WHTI compliant document, such as a Passport Card (PASS Card), that establishes identity and citizenship to enter or re-enter the United States.

The approved documents include a passport, a passport card, a NEXUS, SENTRI or FAST trusted traveler program card, or a state- or province-issued enhanced driver’s license. Travelers under age 16 need to present only a birth certificate or alternative proof of citizenship.

What is a Passport Card/PASS Card?

Passport Cards (PASS Cards) are WHTI-compliant documents designed for US citizens who frequently cross the border via land and sea ports of entry in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. PASS Cards cannot be used for air travel.

Items prohibited from transport into Mexico

Do not bring the following items into Mexico:

  • Firearms
  • Bullets
  • Explosives and related chemical substances
  • Recreational drugs
  • Narcotics, psychotropic, and other illegal substances
  • Vegetables
  • The preparation, sale, purchase, supply, transportation, introduction, or removal from the country of any of the above items is a crime punishable by 10 to 25 years in prison.

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