Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians

The Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians lives in northern Arizona, near natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Glen Canyon, and Lake Mead.

The home of the Kaibab-Paiute people consists of a plateau and desert grassland that spans 121,000 acres and hosts five tribal villages, as well as the non-Indian community of Moccasin.

History & Nature

The Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians is one of 10 member tribes of the Southern Paiute group that live along the southern Great Basin and San Juan-Colorado River drainage. Situated along Kanab Creek, the tribe's northernmost border is the Arizona-Utah border. Members of the Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians speak a Uto-Aztecan language in addition to English and the economy is largely centered on tourism and livestock.

Things to Do

This area of northern Arizona is rich in historic recreation and geological wonders you won’t want to miss. Pipe Spring National Monument is located completely within the reservation boundary, and you'll be wowed by the Vermillion Cliffs and the Steamboat Rock formation as you drive by.

Within a few hours are plenty more can't-miss stops for amazing natural wonders. Arizona Highway 389 crosses the reservation and is the main route between Las Vegas, Nevada and Lake Powell. It's about an hour's drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon; Lake Powell and Lake Mead are also nearby.

Where to Stay

From national chains to independent establishments, you'll find a variety of hotels, motels, and lodges in Fredonia—all perfectly convenient for your stay.

For More Information

Tribal Government
1 North Pipe Spring Rd.
Fredonia, AZ 86022
(928) 643-7245

Visit Tribal Website

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