Paint the Town

Street Artists Make Their Mark

In Arizona, public art is all around as alleyways and business exteriors have become al fresco art galleries of sorts, showcasing eye-catching murals and thought-provoking pieces by talented local artists. Go on a self-guided tour to find your new favorite piece of street art.

1. Mural by Jesse Perry (@MrDowntownPHX) in the alley at 1st and Garfield Streets, Phoenix

2. Mural by Brian Boner (@bonerbrian) on the monOrchid building at 214 E. Roosevelt Street, Phoenix

3. Mural by Hugo Medina in Roosevelt Row, Phoenix

4. Mural by Harriet Wood (@hazardOne) in Ajo

5. Mural by Lauren Lee (@mslaurenlee) on the monOrchid building at 214 E. Roosevelt Street, Phoenix

6. Mural by Nyla Lee (@nyla.lee) and Alloyius Mcilwaine (@culturesclothing) on Seventh Street, Phoenix

7. Mural by Isaac Nicholas Caruso (@isaac.caruso) on La Suprema Works & Events at 319 W. Simpson Street, Tucson

8. Mural by Sky Black (@skyblackart) and Mural Mice of R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar on Orpheum Theater at 15 W. Aspen Avenue, Flagstaff

9. Mural by EL MAC - Miles MacGregor (@mac_arte) on the Cobra Arcade Bar at 63 E. Congress Street, Tucson

Article originally published in the 2021 Arizona Official State Travel Guide by Miles Partnership.


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